An Azure Pass is waiting for you!


Looking how to start with Microsoft Azure and don’t have a credit card to start a trial? Microsoft is offering $30.000 in Azure Passes to distribute them between attendees on local events worldwide. Each Azure pass will have $100 to expend on your favorite services, no excuse to do not start building your dreams today.

A limited number of Azure Passes has been distributed globally to each local event organizer. Please follow these steps to get yours:

  1. Go to the account profile page. You must be a registered user on this website.
  2. Fill the “Location Id” with the value shared by your local organizer. This ID uniquely identifies each local event, containing a limited number of Azure Passes. Click on “Continue” to save the profile settings and come back to this page again.
  3. If the Azure Passes for your location are not exhausted, an Azure Pass code will appear ready to be redeemed.
  4. Follow the instructions provided later to redeem the Azure Pass and start enjoying the Microsoft Azure Platform!
Login and update the Location ID in your profile