Opsgility, a leading Microsoft Learning Partner, has been at the forefront of Microsoft Cloud training since 2013. With over half a million students trained, it offers unique, hands-on learning experiences led by Microsoft MVPs and MCTs. Its diverse learning formats, including Classroom Learning, Guided Hackathons, and Advanced Bootcamps, are available both in-person and virtually. Opsgility’s commitment to quality training and innovative methodologies underscores its global leadership.


Opsgility, founded in 2013 by a group of former Microsoft employees involved in the creation of Azure, has established itself as the first learning partner to focus on Microsoft technologies. As a Microsoft Preferred Vendor, Opsgility provides enterprise-grade training and readiness planning for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365, with a track record of having trained over 500,000 students including top-tier organizations such as Disney, eBay, PWC, and Microsoft itself.

Specializing in a wide range of technologies, including Azure, GitHub, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CompTIA, and more, Opsgility's training offerings are designed to cater to the diverse needs of its clientele. With a team of industry-recognized experts Opsgility offers exclusive training styles. Classroom style offers custom or official instructor-led training, featuring lectures and hands-on labs. Guided Hackathons gives Students an opportunity to engage in hands-on learning by completing real-world scenarios in a sandboxed environment or on the customer's subscription. And advanced Bootcamps that provide deep, two days of project-based immersive training that goes beyond certification, targeting specific scenarios.

Besides that Opsgility also offers different delivery options for JWCC. In-Person, where class sizes of up to 20 students, with personalized attention and networking opportunities or virtual training delivered via Microsoft Teams, accommodating up to 50 students.

With its comprehensive training offerings and industry expertise, Opsgility is well-equipped to support organizations and individuals in their learning and readiness planning for Microsoft technologies.

In addition to all above, Opsgility is actively involved in industry events and initiatives, including partnering with OpenHack, hosting large-scale training events such as Microsoft Certification Week, supporting Microsoft Education Test Fest and now once again also a sponsor of Global Azure!

How to redeem

For those interested in pursuing Microsoft Certification, Opsgility is offering a 15% discount voucher to attendees of any Global Azure 2024 event worldwide. Further details on how to claim these vouchers, please visit https://opsgility.com/global-azure-2024