Captain Hyperscaler

Captain Hyperscaler

Captain Hyperscaler™ is here to solve your business needs for cybersecurity, generative AI, cloud security, cloud transformation, and business risk, compliance, and process improvement. Our certification and custom training sagas will build a highly skilled team and increase employee retention. Skill Up Like a Super Hero™ origin stories and hero sagas accelerate your learning experience and gain valuable certifications in cybersecurity, generative AI, and cloud transformation. Start with our origin stories and build up to an epic and heroic conclusion. Captain Hyperscaler™ offers Origin story courses to start your hero story and expanded training Sagas to advance your knowledge and hands-on experience. This includes our Cloud Security Origins, Secure Application Development (DevSecOps) Origins, as well as foundational and advanced courses in cybersecurity, generative AI, cloud security, cloud transformation, Agile project management, and user security and risk awareness. Companies that invest in training and support certifications for their teams have higher retention and happier employees. Captain Hyperscaler™ and the CyberVengers can take them from their origin story to an epic saga conclusion and have you Skill Up Like a Super Hero™.



Captain Hyperscaler is offering 200 attendees of Global Azure with 180-day on-demand access to one of our two Origin Story courses, Cloud Security Origin Story or Secure Application Development Origin Story. Winners will be selected at random and notified on 25 April 2024. You must select the course that you would like access on the entry form. Information about these courses can be found on page 2 of the brochure at this link: Winners that complete the course within the 180-days access period will be awarded a badge and completion certificate.

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