Deploy HuggingFace hub models using Microsoft Azure Studio

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HuggingFace is a goldmine of transformer models. I want to demonstarte how anyone can deploy a HuggingFace model that is too large for our personal computers for testing as well as production using Azure Studio. I plan on a very short intro about the topic and a simple code demo showing how exactly to use huggingface with azure. The demo I have in mind will probably be an image segmentation model called Segment Anything Model (SAM by Meta). If there's one thing I want the audience to learn is - You can create way more than you think with just the open source models available on GitHub and HuggingFace.


Irshad Girach

Co-Founder at Bonsen AI

I'm Irshad, co-founder of BonsenAI. I started out as an artist, and my journey through my technical career has exposed me to many interesting experiences and skills. I like to call myself a creative developer

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