Empowering Conversations: Harnessing the Potential of Azure OpenAI for Custom Chatbot Development

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Agenda GenAI-powered Custom Chatbots: Understand the concept behind building chatbots tailored to your specific use cases using Large Language Models(LLMs), by leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. Azure OpenAI Integration: Explore seamless integration with Azure services to leverage the power of Azure OpenAI models for chatbot development Live Demo: Witness a live demonstration showcasing the capabilities of custom chatbots powered by Azure OpenAI, . Key Points Conceptual Understanding: Delve into the fundamentals of custom chatbot development, incorporating NLP techniques for enhanced language understanding and interaction. Practical Use Cases: Discover real-world applications of custom chatbots with NLP capabilities and learn how they can revolutionize various industries through improved language processing. Success Stories: Hear inspiring success stories of organizations harnessing the full potential of Azure OpenAI for chatbot development, particularly focusing on NLP-driven solutions and their impact on businesses. Key Takeaways Empowered Development: Whether you are a developer, data scientist, or business strategist, learn how to unlock the full potential of Azure OpenAI for chatbot development, with a special emphasis on NLP techniques. Practical Insights: Gain practical insights into creating custom chatbots with advanced NLP capabilities, exploring integration strategies, and understanding the journey from data preparation to model fine-tuning. Inspiring Success: Be inspired by success stories showcasing the transformative power of custom chatbots powered by Azure OpenAI, particularly highlighting the role of NLP in driving innovation and business growth. Unlock Potential: Acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to unlock the full potential of Azure OpenAI for chatbot development, leveraging advanced NLP techniques to create intelligent and effective conversational agents.


Dr Booma Poolan Marikannan

GenAI Expert, Manager, Data & AI, Avanade, Malaysia

Dr Booma Poolan Marikannan – Manager, Advanced Analytics, Avanade, Malaysia Dr Booma, a seasoned technologist with over a decade of extensive experience in the realms of technology and leadership, stands at the helm as the GenAI Expert , Manager for Data & AI at Avanade, Malaysia. Her illustrious career has spanned more than 12 years, during which she has been a stalwart contributor to the conception and realization of groundbreaking GenAI solutions. With each endeavor, she adeptly illustrates the transformative potential of GenAI, casting a luminous spotlight on its profound implications for businesses. Her contributions in this domain have earned her international acclaim, as she stands as a revered luminary in the field. Notably, she has been bestowed with the prestigious title of "Young Women Scientist" by the esteemed institution, HumCen, a testament to her unwavering dedication and exemplary work. Further enhancing her standing as a trailblazer, Dr Booma has been honored as an "Outstanding Researcher/Academician" by Women Icon, a tribute to her relentless pursuit of excellence. Beyond her remarkable achievements, Dr. Dr Booma frequently imparts her profound wisdom and experience through the written word, sharing her erudition in the field of Artificial Intelligence through insightful articles and engaging tech discussions. Notably, Dr Booma's dedication extends beyond her professional achievements. She is deeply committed to raising diversity and inclusivity within the world of technology. As a mentor to budding talent, she emphasizes the profound significance of inclusivity and equity, championing the cause of underrepresented voices and championing the principles of fairness and opportunity for all. Her indomitable spirit and achievements serve as an enduring inspiration to the world of technology and beyond.

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