AI Panel Discussion: Navigating the AI Frontier

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Join us in this panel discussion, where industry experts explore the latest trends, challenges, and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence powered by Azure. From machine learning to cognitive services, our panelists will share their insights on leveraging Azure's cutting-edge technologies to build intelligent solutions that drive innovation and transform industries. Discover real-world use cases, best practices, and the future landscape of AI on the Azure platform. Whether you're a developer, data scientist, or business leader, this session offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable perspectives on the evolving AI landscape within the Azure ecosystem.


Tiago Costa

Cloud Architect and Advisor | Trainer | International Speaker | Author @Independent Contractor

Tiago Costa is a Senior Cloud Architect and Advisor focusing on Microsoft Azure, International Speaker, Trainer and Author. For the past 20 years has been architecting and developing solutions using Microsoft technologies. In the last years Tiago have been helping companies to migrate and build Cloud native workloads in Microsoft Azure. Tiago has been working as at the Senior Architect level, but he always like to do some hands-on tasks on the Azure Administration and Development side of things. You can find him regularly in the classroom or online teaching Microsoft Azure. All this real-world experience allows him to deliver amazing trainings on Microsoft Azure. Tiago has several Microsoft Certifications and awards: - Microsoft Azure MVP (2016 – …) - MCT – Microsoft Certified Trainer (2006 – …) - MCT Regional Lead (2013 – …) - Microsoft Certification Council Member (2020 – …) He loves diving into new technologies and share his experience at conferences and training classes. What excites him about it's work is to help others exploring new frontiers in technology and to become better professionals. He's free time is spent with his family in the surroundings of the sunny Lisbon, Portugal, and building some cool geek projects.

Pedro Sousa

Tech Lead @ Valtech | Microsoft Azure MVP | Public Speaker

Pedro Sousa is a Microsoft Azure MVP, a public Speaker and a Azure Tech Lead. With more than 30 years of experience in IT, managing infrastructures ranging from small mission-critical to 1000+ user organizations. In the last few years, Pedro has worked in DevOps practices and as a Cloud Architect, leading teams to design and implement solutions across the Microsoft and AWS stacks, focusing on Cloud-first or hybrid scenarios. With a passion for Technology, he is always looking for the next big thing because cloud is candy store and it never stops evolving!

Jose Antonio Silva

R&D Director at DevScope

Experienced Software Architect and dedicated Mentor with a diverse skill set spanning multiple technology domains, including DevOps, automation, microservices, and cloud-native solutions. Proficient in the realm of Software as a Service (SaaS), adept at orchestrating end-to-end processes encompassing Strategy, Design, Deployment, and Operations for multi-tenant applications. An avid advocate for Agile methodologies and passionate about the transformative power of Data Visualization, continually seeking innovative solutions to eliminate monotony and streamline tasks in our daily lives.

Marco Antonio Silva

Microsoft - National Innovation Officer & Cloud Solution Architect

I’m the National Innovation Officer for Microsoft Portugal, responsible for helping companies grow and accelerate the innovation impact that we can have in Portugal, having worked in Tech innovation for many years. I'm also a Senior Cloud Solution Architect where I challenge customers with new ideas and new ways for them to use cloud technologies, and help them build it, a great way to complement my NinO role. I also host the “AI Portugal Podcast” and the “DICE Podcast”.

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