Café y Azure: Aplicaciones y Serverless

Spanish Introductory and Overview Development

Sesión en directo en formato debate charlando de forma distendida sobre el tema en cuestión. Estrellas invitadas con sorpresas al final de cada sesión. ¡No te las pierdas!


Alberto Diaz Martin

CTIO | Microsoft Azure MVP

A professional with more than 15 years of experience in the IT Industry, all of them working with Microsoft Technologies. His principal activities are Development and Solution Analysts on his first years and as Team Leader and Solution Architect on the last 6 years. Currently Chief Technology Innovation Officer in ENCAMINA, leading Microsoft technology software development and member of the management board. For the Spanish Community, he works as organizer and speaker in the most important Microsoft technologies conferences which he is one of the most important leaders. Author of several books and articles in professional magazine, from 2013 he began a new career as co-director of CompartiMOSS, a Microsoft technologies magazine. In 2011 he was named Microsoft MVP and he still retaining recognition for the seventh consecutive year. He defined himself as a geek, smartphones lover and developer. For the community, has founded TenerifeDev ( with other friends, a technical community in Tenerife, coordinator at SUGES (SharePoint Users Group on Spain, and at Comunidad Office 365 Spain.

Sergio Hernandez Mancebo

Cloud Solutions Architect - Nationale Nederlanden

[Azure MVP - Solutions Cloud Architect] Soy Sergio Hernández Macebo, Ingeniero en Informática por la Facultad UCM de Madrid. Desde 2012 centrado en el desarrollo de aplicaciones Microsoft, desde aplicaciones Sharepoint On premises en todas sus versiones, a aplicaciones Office 365 (Sharepoint & Dynamics CRM). Desde hace unos años dedico mi actividad al diseño e implementacion de soluciones Cloud sobre Azure y Office 365, desde puestos de Arquitectura y Teach Lead. Enamorado de la tecnología, participo en revistas técnicas como Compartimoss, colaborador en distintos grupos de usuarios como SUGES, asiduo en eventos de la comunidad Microsoft como ponente u organizador, además de contar con una comunidad de usuarios propia llamada Crossdevlup, que da cabida a que cualquiera que tenga un buen tema que compartir tenga un espacio para ser escuchado.

Santiago Porras Rodríguez

Innovation Team Leader, MVP Developer Technologies

Innovation Team Leader at ENCAMINA MVP Developer Technologies User Experience Developer Expert. Passionate about new technologies, highlighting Windows Platform, Xamarin, ASP.NET, Microsoft Azure and SharePoint. I contribute to the developer community writing articles in my personal blog at and occasionally at about SharePoint. I am also one of the TenerifeDev leads, user group about .NET Tenerife, and WPSUG user group about Windows Platform You can find me in Twitter with the user @ saintwukong

Ibon Landa

General Manager and head of industry 4.0 projects at Plain Concepts

Ibon has been involved in software development for more than 16 years. During this time, he has been employed by several companies in which he had the chance of work with a wide range of environment and technologies. Currently he is part of Plain Concepts as advisor, mentor and coach for first line companies, focused mainly on development tasks, architecture, ALM/DevOps tools and Microsoft Azure cloud platform - area in which he has been awarded as Microsoft's MVP. He is co-founder of the Microsoft Basque Country user group and the Spain Cloud Computing User Group. he has been speaker in different kind of events for Microsoft, local groups or Spanish .NET groups.

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