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Eine Plattform in der Ihr unvorbereitet Fragen zu Azure, Azure in Österreich, Azure Services, Azure Zertifizierungen & Lerninhalte und alles was Euch sonst einfällt stellen könnt. Wir werden versuchen die Fragen mit dem breiten Wissen von Tamara Tomanic, Thomas Vater, Philipp Weckerle, Rainer Stropek & Gerwald Oberleitner zu beantworten.


Gerwald Oberleitner

Azure Application Development & DevOps Specialist @ Microsoft

Gerwald works more than 20yrs in the software and high tech industry and is actively driving and impacting digitalization through his know-how, industry connections and network. The grounds in networking technologies combined with software development and cloud knowledge are good assets to support customers, independent software vendors (ISVs) or partners in architecting, adopting or migrating to cloud based solutions. Besides technology Gerwald has proofed in many projects to transform business models and practice agile methodologies (DevOps, SCRUM) to become a trusted advisor for customers and partners in their cloud & digitalization journey.

Rainer Stropek

software architects

Rainer Stropek is co-founder and CEO of the company software architects and has been serving this role since 2008. At software architects Rainer and his team are developing the award-winning SaaS time tracking solution “time cockpit”. Previously, Rainer founded and led two IT consulting firms that worked in the area of developing software solution based on the Microsoft technology stack. Rainer is recognized as an expert concerning .NET development, software architecture and databases. He has written numerous books and articles on C#, database development, Microsoft Azure, XAML, and web development. Additionally he regularly speaks at conferences, workshops and trainings in Europe and the US. In 2010 Rainer has become one of the first MVPs for the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. In 2015, Rainer also became a Microsoft Regional Director. 2016, Rainer also got the MVP award for Visual Studio and Developer Technologies. Rainer graduated the Higher Technical School Leonding (AT) for MIS with honors and holds a BSc (Hons) Computer Studies of the University of Derby (UK).

Tamara Tomanic

Microsoft; Azure Business Group Lead

As the Business Group Lead for Azure, I have to all up responsibility of driving the Azure business in Austria - across all customers, regardless of their size - following our mission to empower every organisation on the planet to achieve more. Coming from the field ( I have been in Azure Sales for 3 years) I have a strong customer-centric mindset.

Philipp Weckerle

Cloud Solution Architect - Microsoft Azure

Cloud is everywhere, but it has not always been that way. With experience in various roles in local and global software companies, like Oracle and Microsoft, over a span of almost 30 years I have seen trends come and go. At Microsoft i am helping customers to make their cloud vision a reality.

Thomas Vater

Datacenter Lead Cloud Solution Architect @ Microsoft

After nearly 20 years at Microsoft in various roles from Consulting, Pre-Sales to Solution Architecture, Thomas Vater now has the honor to act as the Datacenter Lead Cloud Solution Architect focusing on customers and partners committed to utilize the upcoming Austrian Datacenter Region. Building the right technical architectures for your cloud-only or hybrid solutions and also working with the global Datacenter Team to have the right services and features available in the local datacenter region is his main priority.

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