Event Organizer Agreement

Last agreement update: January 8, 2020

Thanks for your interest in being part of Global Azure 2020!

This event would not be possible without the help of local organizers such as yourself. Before you sign up and commit to an event we’d like to make sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into. Please read the following, and if you agree, then create your event using the form below. If you have questions before you agree, please send them to us through the Contact Us form.

By signing up to be a local organizer and creating an event on the website, you are agreeing that you will:

  • Register your event on our website before the deadline (March 31, 2020). Events added after this date will not be considered Global Azure locations and will not benefit from any resources made available such as content, labs or global sponsorship.
  • You are okay with us sharing your contact information with Microsoft so they may reach out to you to support your user group. We will not share your contact information with anyone else – not with sponsors or any other third party.
  • Find a suitable location to host the event and set up a registration for local attendees so that people can sign up to attend your event.
  • The event registration will be open to anyone in your community who wants to learn about Azure.
  • Publicize the event to your community, including being clear on what you will be covering at the event. Some locations focus on a specific feature while others are broader, some are introductory while others are deep dives. Just make sure to be clear which one you’ll be doing so you get the right audience!
  • Find sponsors, if needed, to help pay for the venue, food, etc. We prefer that no one individual need to pay for this event out of their own pocket, especially the organizers.
  • Strive to make your event free for the attendee. If you cannot find local sponsors to help pay for the event then you should only charge the attendees enough to offset the cost of the event.
  • Provide data requested from the global team both before and after the event as quickly as possible.
    • The data that we will need is:
      • Full shipping address for any physical giveaways for the event, if any; please be very specific with this as missing data can lead to delays in shipping, or delivery failure. Note that there may not be any physical giveaways this year.
      • Maximum number of attendees your event can hold before the event.
      • Final attendance count after the event.
      • Any winners that need to be reported.
      • List of co-organizers, speakers and volunteers (names and emails).
      • Links to any media coverage of your local event.
      • Additional data may be requested.
    • Please understand this is very important you agree to provide this data. See the FAQ: Why does the Global Admin team need all this data they ask for?
  • The Global Admin Team requests notification of any press about our event.
    • If you wish please give interviews as you see fit about the event and your local incarnation of the event.
    • If you do not wish to give interviews please don’t hesitate to direct press to the Global Admin team.
    • Please report any resulting media coverage to the global admins team via the after event survey.
  • You are responsible for the agenda for the event. The Global Admin team will be providing some content you can use for the day, but you may choose to use it or produce your own content and agenda.
  • This is a community event and the event takes place at a location; there is no mandate that this location should be unique to a city, state or country. As such, multiple locations are allowed to co-exist within a city, state or country although collaboration is encouraged to ensure your community derives maximum benefit from the event.
  • Follow and use the hashtag #GlobalAzure and the @globalazure alias on Twitter and the Facebook page.
    • Inform the attendees that this is the hashtag used!
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for organizers is available on the website.