Media Resources and Logos

On this page, you can find reusable elements related to the Global Azure, such as different versions of our logo.


Our logo’s are available in various sizes (as PNG).

Global Azure Logo PNG – 250×193
PNG – 500×385
PNG – 762×587
PNG – 4318×3329

Typography used:

  • “Year” and “By Community - For Community”: Segoe UI (#ffffff and #004d88)
  • “#GlobalAzure”: Academic M54 (#000000 and #0063af)

Welcome Kit

The Welcome Kit is meant to be used for organizers as a free to use as a template for their welcome slides. It also includes a raffle/prize slide deck you can use when you finish up the day. The lead organizers will get a copy of these in the “Digital Goodie Bags”, but they are also provided here for download:

Coming soon!